Since 2006 English Plus has been providing a high quality and successful consultancy service in English language training, teacher training and test development for the aviation and business worlds both in Europe and worldwide. During this time we have worked closely with civil aviation authorities, ANSPs, airlines and flight schools, as well as academic institutions, international associations and third-party service providers. Participating with all stakeholders at regional and international level is crucial to maintaining and developing our own expertise and awareness in the field and ensures that we are in an ideal position to respond to the needs of all stakeholders.

We provide qualified trainers and specialists who have extended experience and knowledge, not only of language, but also of the operational environment of our clients. Understanding both the linguistic content and the complex and diverse nature of real-world communication, particularly in the safety critical domain of aviation, helps us to maintain a customer-focussed service in order to meet our clients’ objectives as efficiently as possible.

All our services are underpinned by an application of linguistic and operational theory and practice, as well as by maintaining an up-to-date awareness on operational and business matters. Moreover, our blend of interpersonal skills, professionalism and flexibility help support our clients at all stages of the work being carried out.

At English Plus we also believe in a continuous evolution of skills and knowledge in order to maintain the best service to support our clients demands. To this end we are committed to continuous professional development of personnel and encourage linguistic and communication research based projects in the fields that match our clients’ activities.

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