Since 2006 English Plus has been providing a high quality and successful consultancy service in English language training, teacher training and test development for professional, specific and general purposes English worldwide. During this time we have worked closely with international organisations, educational establishments, national authorities, private sector partner groups and individual clients, as well as academic institutions, and third-party service providers. Participating with all key stakeholders at regional and international level is crucial to maintaining and developing our own expertise and awareness in our fields and ensures that we are in an ideal position to respond to the English language needs of all stakeholders. We are also committed to the professional development of teachers and testers and provide regular support through podcasts, webinars, workshops and conferences.

All our work is based on a common objective of supporting learners and teachers to improve and maintain the highest standards of language proficiency in a variety of communicative situations. This is underpinned by qualifications, experience, research, learned skills and domain knowledge in both the language and operational sectors. These all provide a clear focus on appropriate and authentic real-world communication, ensuring learners achieve their professional objectives for a high standard of English language communication that matches their real-life needs.

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