Learning English for Aeronautical Communication

Developing English language skills for the international communication needs of operational personnel in the safety driven environment of aviation (Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers, operational ground staff, amongst others) has been at the core of English Plus’ activities since we began.

We recognise that teaching language in the aviation domain necessitates learners developing communicative strategies that draw on a range of personal resources. Through focusing on not only linguistic elements, but pragmatic (contextual awareness), and strategic skills too (such as clarification and paraphrasing, particularly in non-visual communication), we help develop communicative confidence and competence for our learners to operate effectively in the real world.

We also advocate exposing our learners to the critical features of authentic communication based around the interplay of three key elements – Standard Phraseology, technically referenced domain specific plain language, and general purposes language. Furthermore our learners are introduced to the many complex and unnatural functions and forms as well as the complex and unusual references that are common in this type of communication.

Underpinning our teaching methodologies in task-based learning and learner-oriented assessment are three key principles: meaningful learning, intrinsic (internal) motivation and communicative competence. This makes the training stimulating, relevant and meaningful for the learners. Feedback from clients regularly reflects the dynamic and interactive nature of the training as well as the linguistic and operational knowledge of the Trainer.

Before any training begins we carry out diagnostic evaluations and a full needs analysis in consultation with the client. Key objectives are identified, a curriculum is developed and then appropriate, interactive and motivating methodologies and material are tailored and prepared. During all training we undertake regular assessment of learners’ work in order to monitor progress and to be ready to discuss and adjust course focus where necessary.

Once the course has been completed we identify and report on learning achievements and continue to work in consultation with clients in pursuance of their learning objectives.

Our flexibility means course delivery to suit your needs, at your preferred location. We can of course discuss course delivery at a variety of locations if required. As course programmes are tailored to suit the exact requirements of each client, we prepare a specific quotation for you based on the objectives and the likely time required to reach them. Please contact us for further information.