Business English

In the international business world and in many multi-cultural national business contexts, English has been the de facto international language for some time now. The needs of professionals vary greatly according to the sector and the network of stakeholders. In an ever-changing world these needs will continue to demand a dynamic and evolving repertoire of English language communication skills, from face-to-face communication to a variety of online events, from worldwide documentation to the needs of social media. 

Along with the specific professional content and vocabulary that a student might request, knowing how to deliver and receive communication effectively is key. Whether delivering conference speeches and presentations, producing documents for a worldwide audience or negotiating with clients and suppliers across borders, perfecting language and communication skills in business English is part of the framework of any successful organisation. 

Of course, effective communication and language must reflect the needs of sectors and business development. From the more typical services such as human resources, marketing, and finance, today’s business world has to take account of intercultural competencies, environmental issues, social media and technological advances, such as artificial intelligence. Global distribution systems and communication have also evolved rapidly in the last 10 years and the COVID pandemic has meant adapting and evolving much quicker than many businesses had planned. It is our aim to respond to these challenges for our clients.

With the business and linguistic expertise, experience, and qualifications of our trainers, our business English training aims to respond to the dynamic and ongoing needs of our clients through a tailored service to provide the best and most efficient way of improving their English communication and language skills. Our courses are specifically planned to develop and perfect your English language and communication skills to meet the needs of your company and organization, with empathy, and in a friendly, interactive, and efficient manner.

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