Test Development

The requirement for testing and assessment of plain language proficiency in aeronautical communication has been in place now for over 10 years. Testing language, of course, firstly requires skills, experience and qualifications in the field of language testing. Secondly, as aviation is a high stakes safety related specific purposes domain, skills and experience in aeronautical communication are critical to successfully replicating real-world communication in test items. As such, a thorough knowledge and understanding by test developers of the language used in the target language use (TLU) communication, including external influential factors, is required if the test is to be considered valid and useful.

We include, as a core part of our business provision in the test development process,  drafting of the initial test specification through item writing and rater training to test taker feedback, statistical analysis and test administration in the high-stakes environment of aeronautical communication.

Such skills can be offered as individual components complimentary to a client’s own test development, or can be offered as parts of a fuller package in order to help develop test instruments aimed at a client’s specific test taker population.

Underpinning our test development services are qualified and experienced personnel in language testing theory, as well as adherence to guidelines for good testing practice offered by the International Language Testing Association and The Association of Language Testers Europe. Furthermore our access to an extensive range of subject matter experts ensures that we are able to validate our testing processes based on the actual communication test takers experience in the real world.

Please contact us for further information on how we can help meet your testing and assessment objectives.