Teacher Training and Professional Development



Teaching at any level and in any sector can be a challenge for both new and experienced teachers. Having qualified with an initial teaching certificate, building experience and skills can often seem like a long road full of obstacles and ever-growing challenges. Whether as an independent teacher delivering courses in a variety of pedagogical domains, or being established in a large educational establishment, the trials and insecurities of knowing how to develop professionally can be a minefield.

At Englishplus we believe in using our experience in helping in-service teachers both new to the sector or those with years of experience in identifying their core skills and a pathway where they can develop professionally in a more traditional educational establishment or in potential niche or special interest markets. Such development can be through further professional training or academic studies or it can be simply resourcing the local teaching association to participate in conference and workshops. We help to identify networks to build working relationships with teachers and field experts and we regularly participate in CPD webinars, podcasts and workshops to deliver help and advice on a variety of teacher development issues. Check out our latest podcast Delivering Development with our colleagues from Pete Sharma Associates.

On top of this we also deliver training courses specifically for those teachers working in professional and business environments, as well as the specific purpose language world of Aviation English. Check out our aviation English teacher training programme with our partners NILE here

Our teacher training courses are supported by our partner organisations and they introduce participants to contemporary approaches and knowledge for teaching English in professional environments, enabling development of existing skills through practical guidance that can be used in a variety of professional communication situations. Developing your skillset also helps develop your own knowledge of language as well as that of your students. 

Our courses address: 

  • Recognising learners communication needs and developing the right curriculum
  • Assessing the role of language proficiency in real-world communication
  • Identifying meaningful professional language and skills. 
  • Using authentic materials, simulations and case studies
  • Adapting general purpose materials 
  • Focussing on assessment, feedback and error correction

Classes are practical, collaborative and ‘hands-on’, with reference to relevant theory and up-to-date topics and issues from the professional environment. Course content is always participant-centred to enable trainees to readily relate course content to their own teaching context.

To discuss your teacher training needs please contact us here.